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Pre-Production News

Apart from completing the recording of two episodes of LIVE UP The Show in Barbados I got a chance to have dinner with Canadian filmmaker Frances Anne Solomon. We got caught up on what is happening in each others lives and talked about the challenges of filmmaking. I’m a Frances Anne Solomon fan. I’m in awe of her accomplishments. Her television series “Lord Have Mercy” is shown on HAMA TV and her award winning film “A Winter Tale” received rave reviews when it was shown in Antigua. Frances Anne is also the founder of the Caribbean Tales Film Festival in Toronto. Howard and I will be at the Caribbean Tales Film Festival in Toronto July 8th to 12th. So if you are going to be in the city make sure you check it out.

Right now we are finalizing the production team for The Skin. We are ensuring that everyone shares the same passion for the work and the same focus. It is actually the advice of actor Danny Glover that I’m applying to this production. We had the opportunity to meet him and have dinner with him last year when he passed through Antigua. Glover believes, as we do, that we in the Caribbean have to start telling our own stories. Filmmaking is on the rise in developing countries because it’s clear we need our own mirror. He stressed the importance of working with “like-minded individuals”. Having said that, Marcella Andre will be our production manager. It’s a crucial job on any production and Marcella is PERFECT for it. We have known Marcella for nine years and she has been involved in HAMA projects on various levels. She is a strong, no nonsense person with a professional approach to her work and she is an artist with a passion for art and culture.

Support for our project is mounting within the community including a donation from Antigua Motors. The general manager Paul Ryan is a true patron of the arts and has been supportive of our various projects over the years with product placements our second film “No Seed” and he has allowed us to use his office and home for our drama series Paradise View. All this without much fanfare. It’s just his genuine interest in seeing the development of the arts in Antigua & Barbuda. We also have received support from Blue Waters Hotel. The hotel provided accommodations for our cinematographer S. Torriano Berry during his pre-production visit to Antigua last month. I think the best way for HAMA to say thanks is to make The Skin a huge success not just in Antigua but in the Caribbean. I do believe it has that potential.

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