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Moving Right Along…

Things are happening! Flights are being booked, reservations are being made as the crew prepares to descend on Antigua. Right now, I’m collecting bio’s and pics from the cast members for the media/marketing kit. Yup, we are a one stop shop at HAMAfilms. Once the film wraps I’ll call in the PR pros. Cinematographer Steven Berry will be here May 23rd and actor Jeff Stewart will be arriving the first week in June. Bradshaw will follow a week later and Peter is already here. He will be available for readings with Aisha and Brent.

Our special effects makeup artist Sara Jones of makeupbysaj is in the US and is also doing some preproduction work for the film. Her most recent e-mail stressed how she is running out of time to purchase all that she needs and she is looking for a woman who is at least 7 months pregnant to use as model for a prosthetic belly…I say no more.

Howard and I had a great conversation with actor Carl Bradshaw on Friday. He is very supportive and is sharing his wealth of knowledge of the film industry with us.

The last time I saw Mr. Bradshaw was in May 2007. I was in Jamaica for a conference and he took time out of his schedule to show me Jamaica and to ensure I didn’t leave without tasting fry fish and bammie. We first met in 2001 after putting in a cold call to his office in Jamaica inviting him to the premiere of The Sweetest Mango. He came! We have stayed in touch ever since and he has always had a keen interest in what we are doing as filmmakers. His observation was that we had created a unique formula for independent filmmaking. His advice was to stick to the formula that we have created to make films in the Caribbean. He says no matter how successful the project becomes don’t stray from what works for us. Ok I’m completely paraphrasing because I can’t say it verbatim in his colourful language. However, as he was speaking I couldn’t help thinking how insightful he was. Bradshaw turned out to be very reaffirming. You just never know what role someone would play when they enter your life (no pun intended). He is the recipient of Jamaica’s highest honour. I know why.

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