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Ministry of Tourism Endorsement

Tourism MInister John Maginley with HAMAfilms producers Howard & Mitzi Allen

Tourism Minister John Maginley with HAMAfilms producers Howard & Mitzi Allen

HAMAfilms had what I would consider one of our most important meetings yesterday. We met with the newly appointed Minister of Tourism John Maginley to bring him up to date on our film project and to get an official endorsement. It goes a long way in assisting with getting things done…like wanting a road blocked for a motorcycle scene.

The Ministry of Tourism will not only endorse our film project but will supply support in many areas that are critical to the production. The support from the Ministry of Tourism gave us an extra burst of energy. When I related the meeting to our associate producer Shelley James, who is based in Toronto, she reminded me of how fortunate we were and that Antigua is a “special” place.

So, while I continue to sweat the small stuff (finalizing the catering requirements, checking on props and product placements) the big things seem to be taking care of themselves. Production begins June 1st. In 30 days! I have to start going to bed early again…so that I can get back into the routine of the 3 a.m. wakeup call. I have a feeling May will go by very quickly.

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