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THE SKIN 3-4-5

It has been a hectic five days. One clear observation is that the production is taking longer than anticipated. We have reduced the number of scenes in a day because clearly it was an impossible schedule. I’m constantly reminding everyone that we just gotta keep it moving. At this stage in the production, I’m the bad guy. But we REALLY do have to keep it moving.

On day three, we shot some scenes with one of our ‘day players’ Everton Barnes, who was bitten by the acting bug back in the 1970’s. He jumped at the opportunity to have a small part in the film.

We spent day four in St. John’s getting shots for a montage. The shoot was followed by a nice lunch for the cast and crew at The Big Banana. It was the crew’s first trip into the heart of the city. They carried equipment from location to location in the extremely hot sun without one complaint.THE HOUSE

Today we were in the house owned by Barbara Gore. Barbara has been a perfect hostess. On the first day she left us a pot of coffee…we were so anxious to get to work we didn’t notice it until she pointed it out later in the day. Lorraine the script continuity supervisor needs her caffeine. The next day..when we arrived, we headed to kitchen for a shot of liquid energy.

Tomorrow actor Jeff Stewart arrives. We decided to give the crew a break for the weekend.

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