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We didn’t get 100 people at Abracadabra but we did get a manageable group who stayed until the end, which was MIDNIGHT! They were enthusiastic extras who learned that when dialogue was being recorded they had to dance without music. The music is always done in post. Calypso Joe helped to keep the beat. I think we pulled off a very memorable scene in the film. Listen out for the Calypso classic from Calypso Joe.EXTRAS

The first scene we shot with Jeff Stewart was earlier that day at the Casa Lidia villa in English Harbour . The scene played out well. Jeff played opposite Edward Mansoor who was prepared and professional in every way. It was agreed by everyone that their performances were outstanding and the exotic location took it to another level. ..but guess what? There was problem with the tape and the scene that was shot had digital glitches on it. It’s a do-over for sure but not at that location. We will have to find another villa. Casa Lidia will be closed for the summer.

That means we have to work FAST…Jeff leaves on Sunday!Casa Lidia Scene 2

So, it was another short turn around (2 hours sleep) after the late night at Abracadabra. The next day we spent the entire day and most of the evening in the Dockyard at English Harbour. The exhaustion showed on everyone. The crew was silent during the long drive home.

Sunday was a day off from filming. Howard and I spent the time re-working schedules and we also took Jeff to the Dockyard to get familiar with the boat, discuss the scene and blocking. Marine Logistics Manager Roger Gardnier showed Jeff the ropes to ensure that his character is believable as a “yatchtie”. In just two hours Jeff who knew little about boats and barely knows how to swim was operating the dingy and stepping on and off the boat like pro. He is a quick study and clearly dedicated to his craft.

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