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THE SKIN- DAY 12, 13, 14

We found another villa! Natalie McGarrity, a Real Estate Guru, (she would laugh at that) came through and we are set for a re-shoot on Friday with Edward Mansoor and Jeff Stewart! Phew!!!!!!!

InterrogationOn Saturday, we got down to business and shot four scenes with Peter Williams as Detective Morgan. We had some help creating the look of a real crime scene from the Royal Police Force of Antigua & Barbuda. The police officers you see in this film are the real deal in uniform. Thanks to Constable Fitzroy Langley badge #417 and Constable Cephas Stephens badge #274. The day again, was extremely long. I didn’t plan for us to be there as long as we were so I didn’t order dinner. By the end of the evening, Peter had a splitting headache and he was hungry. I broke the first rule of production FEED YOUR CAST AND CREW! I should have put my foot down and insisted that we all take a break…hard to believe but nobody was listening to me. They were on a roll. No pun intended.

It was a great day in the Dockyard on Monday with Jeff Stewart. We used the catamaran the Antillia for the exterior shots and the Sanctuary, another boat, for the interior. It was suggested to us by Roger our Marine Logistics Manager. Inside the Sanctuary looked more lived-in. Jeff’s character “Felix” fits right in with the decor. We didn’t have to dress the set.Brent, Aisha, Jeff

I didn’t see the scene as it was being filmed because there was not enough room in the cabin for spectators. I did see the rehearsals and it was very good. Jeff Stewart plays “Felix” an odd character who lives on a boat. Brent and Aisha didn’t have a lot to say in this scene but their reaction to “Felix” is worth the price of admission.

The intermittent rain slowed things up a bit. Work began at 9:30 a.m. and wrapped at 6:30 p.m.

The final scene with Jeff was shot at a meeting of the Royal Navy Tot Club. It was a real meeting with Jeff ‘s character as a member. This scene was added after a meeting with John Duffy who told us about the history of the Tot Club and their regular Monday meetings which ends with a toast the Queen. Yes, there is a meeting of sailors every Monday night here in Antigua and Barbuda which ends with a toast to the Queen. I know you want more of an explanation but I’m moving on.TOT CLUB

On Tuesday we went back to the Dockyard to shoot a scene that we didn’t get to on Monday because of the time lost due to rain. We pushed through the drizzle to get it done.

Today, it was back to the house for more scenes with Brent and Aisha. Lorraine was happy to be back at the house…coffee coffee, coffee. I was to. It’s getting harder to get going without it. The only thing I’ll say about what we did in the house today is that Brent had to show some “skin.”

We tried to shoot a “day for night” scene and it just wasn’t working out. Blocking the windows would ruin the look of the bedroom and there was too much daylight coming through, even with the curtains drawn. That means all night scenes in the house will be shot at night. I hope that makes sense. Some night scenes in movies, even the ones you see outside are sometimes shot in the day and then enhanced in post to look like night.

We will continue our work at the house tomorrow. The shoot will involve a product placement for Special Security Systems. Tomorrow actor Carl Bradshaw will arrive from Jamaica.

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