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Aisha Ralph

aisharalphbwAisha Ralph an actress, model and soon to be midwife is a native Antiguan and a woman of many talents. Besides being intelligent, she is also beautiful. As a teenager Aisha had a successful modeling career under the tutelage of top Caribbean designers. Switching gears after high school, she went on to become a Certified Public Accountant having earned a dual bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from St. Mary’s University and has worked in top accounting firms throughout the world.

In 2002, Aisha gracefully took on the challenge of competing in the Miss Universe pageant, capitalizing once more on her striking looks and high IQ.

But that’s not all. The brainy beauty’s talent extends to the performing arts. She played Desire Valentine in HAMA Productions’ political thriller, No Seed (2002)

Now, in 2009, she is bound for yet another new adventure as she travels to El Paso to pursue a career as a traditional midwife.

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