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Jeff Stewart

jeff-stewartUK actor Jeff Stewart plays the role of Felix Kass in HAMAfilms, fourth feature film “The Skin”. Stewart is probably best know for his role as Police Constable Reg Hollis in the ITV drama series “The Bill”. It’s a character he created and portrayed for twenty-four years from 1984 to 2008.

Before appearing in “The Bill” Stewart played numerous roles in other television series, including Harry Fellows in Crossroads in 1980. His first television appearance was in the Nightmare Man for the BBC in 1979. He also played Dukkha in the Doctor Who story Kinda in 1982. He played a police constable in Hi-De-Hi! in 1983, the same year “Woodentop” (the pilot episode of “The Bill”), aired.

His latest projects include a role in Alex De Rakoff’s feature film Dead Man Running and Tiffany’s Client.

Stewart recently wrapped filming in Lithuania where he appeared in part three of the True Horror series Frankenstein as Mr. Pass a starring role for Hardy Pictures out of Twickenham, England for Channel 4 to be released later this year.

Stewart will complete work on two other feature films in New York before heading to Antigua & Barbuda for work on The Skin.

Check out Stewart in this recent photo spread as a model for issue 11 of street magazine plus one.

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