Independent Caribbean Film Producers

The Skin, Caribbean Mythology, set in Antigua & Barbuda a young couple encounter strange occurrences after they find and sell an ancient artefact.

Written and directed by Howard Allen produced by Mitzi Allen. Executive Producers HAMAfilms, Antigua.

Released 2011.

30 thoughts on “The Skin

  1. I’m so proud of you guys and the progress you have been making over the years! True dedication and passion are what you put into this art form that you love so much and it shows. Best wishes for the future and I will be following and spreading the word.

  2. Sean BlueMango

    Big Up! HAMAfilms trailer def is engaging. Will def look out for project’s release and support your talents at the box office. Hope you’re also entering int’l film festivals, that’s how we get to see the world that exists beyond those glitzy Hollywood studios.

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