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Veron Stoute

veron-blog-picVeron Stoute a professional dancer and choreographer, got the acting bug during the filming of Diablesse (HamaFilms 2005 ) when she played a stunt double. She makes her acting debut in The Skin with her role as the Soucouyant. But the stunt double turned supporting actress is no stranger to the stage.

In 1991, the classically trained dancer used her theatrical flare along with her natural poise and grace to clinch both the Miss Antigua title and The Jaycees Caribbean Queen competition –serendipitous events that would open a world of opportunity to a young woman who had the courage to do more than dream.

Later that year, Antigua and Barbuda’s most nationally recognized dancer saw another dream come to fruition. She opened V.S. Dance School to give disadvantaged youths in her country an opportunity to express themselves through dance.

Through her tutelage in forms such as Ballet, Jazz, Afro Caribbean Folk, Hip Hop and Crumping, many of her students have gone on to win much coveted places in two of the world’s top dance schools, the Alvin Ailey and Harlem Dance Theatre.

Veron works full-time for the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and plans to add her portrayal of the film’s antagonist to her long list of career successes.

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